Why Gurukul’s

Britisher’s Ruled Over India For More Than 150 Years, Looking At The Harmony Among Dissimilar Communities Of India They Attacked The Bond Shared Between Indians. Throughout British Time, They Require More Recruits For Their Administration And Business Intention Thus Have Offered Employment To Indians On The Large Scale They Strongly Used Segregate And Ruling Policy So They Have Bowed Who Wish To Exertion Underneath The British Government.

For their convenience, they have started to instruct the Indian employees in the British comportment which was entirely dissimilar from the education of Gurukuls. They have started missionary schools further recognized as convent schools. in addition to forced Indians to obtain education from those convents and not Gurukuls. Moving forward the education system in India was entirely distorted with time Indians have entirely adopted the western culture and are moving towards rejuvenation which distorted the ethics, value, and morals.

Be The Change You Want To See In The World - Mahatma Gandhi

  • Along With The Regular Syllabus, The Ancient Educational Concepts Are Introduced To The Students At Gurukul

  • Students In Gurukul Are Educated In A Way That They Become An Entrepreneur Instead Of An Employee

  • Gurukul Offers Free Education To Students From All Age Groups Till Age 18 Years

  • Gurukul Is Not Limited To Any Caste & Religion Bars And So Every Candidate Shall Get Equal Education & Training.

  • The Dedicated Team Of Gurukul Will Look After The Development Of Every Individual Candidate

  • Gurukul Believes In Developing The Student In Educated, Capable Human As Well As A Well-Cultured Human Being Himself.

  • Looking Back In Ancient Days There Were Rushi-Munis Who Runs The Gurukuls And Saints Educated People With Their Supreme Knowledge And Experience. Their Superiority Was Not Based On Any Grade Or Degree But They Were Valued And Followed For One Reason That Was The Amount Of Knowledge They Have Achieved From Their Skills And Their Will For The Public Interest.

  • Based on the same pattern every student will be educated as well as he will be judged on the basis of his skills apart from grades.

  • Based on the interest of a person such as farming, sports, art, technology, education and any other skills individuals are focused on their likings and acts accordingly. Gurukul specialized team analyses those internal skills the students during their education.

  • Candidates working on projects and assignment will be paid and hence when they leave Gurukul they will have their own savings to start something and contribute to the society.